Why Should You Obtain A Cool Shop Name

For a successful business the name of your shop is very important and it plays a vital role in brand recognition. There are number of reasons to choose a cool shop name regardless of what products or services you offer. Whether you have an e-commerce website or starting a shop or small business, the name of your shop has to be memorable and easy to pronounce. Here are few things that you should consider before obtaining a cool shop name.

A cool and interesting name sticks with anyone who deals with your business or visits your shop. Additionally, an interesting name also adds point of interest and people get curious to know what you are offering. A shop name that reflects your style represents the products with even more authenticity. For example if you are selling antiques then the name should be classic. In other words, the shop name must be compatible with the product so people see your business and products as a single entity.

Time proof cool name makes sure you don’t feel embarrassed even after decades; additionally, if you are going to have a domain name somewhere in the future then your online presence with an interesting business name can make a huge difference. Naming experts agree on the fact that interesting names are easily memorable than generic names. It doesn’t mean using a combination of words is a bad idea.

If your shop or business is directly related to the internet or you are going to use social media for advertising and marketing your products and shop then a cool shop name can help you in this regard. People don’t spend much time reading ads on their social media page, so an interesting name can get their attention instantly. Same goes for other kind of advertisements and marketing strategies.

Ignoring the fact your company name is important is a mistake and if a name is not working well for your company and you are not willing to change it then it’s a much worse mistake that could ruin your company. Interestingly, not all popular companies selected the perfect name in their first attempt. There are many examples where companies changed their names for the greater good. Following are some examples of such companies.


Instagram which is the most popular image sharing website and social network known for its amazing filters was named Burbn in its early days by the founder Kevin Systrom. That named was based on the drink and after they realized the name is not good enough and it does not tells what company does they changed it to Instagram which is actually combination of two words, Instant and Telegram.


AirBnB is a well known website and service among frequent travelers and tourists who prefer being paying guest of locals instead of hotels. AirBnB was earlier known as Air Bed and Breakfast as that name perfectly defined company’s core operations. However, that wasn’t a catchy name so they shortened it to AirBnB. Interestingly, you can still use their older website which redirects to the new website.


HP is the most popular desktop computer and laptop manufacturer in the world and it was founded by William Hewlett and Dave Packard decades ago. They named their company Hewlett Packard but now the company uses shorter version of their name which is HP.


You’d be surprised to know that Facebook wasn’t Facebook in its early days but it was known as TheFacebook because the domain name wasn’t available. Later the company and social website became popular all over the globe they acquired Facebook domain name for $200,000 which was a fair deal considering the value of Facebook then and now.

Seven Eleven

Seven Eleven was earlier named U-Tote’m. In 1946, company changed its working hours to 7am to 11pm and people started referring their stores as Seven Eleven store. The company decided to change its name to Seven Eleven because of its popularity. Now Seven Eleven has more than 55,000 stores in more than 15 countries. Of course this is a catchy name and company has been using it for more than 70 years.


Minnesota Minerals and Manufacturing changed its name to 3M because the previous name wasn’t catchy and interesting. 3M is easy to remember, easy to type and easy to pronounce. After changing the name, the sales volume of 3M skyrocketed.


There are many interesting stories associated with Amazon getting its name; earlier it was known as Cadabra but that name didn’t work so well for the company so they decided to change it. The founder wanted a name starting with letter A so it appears on top of any kind of list. After some brainstorming, he came up with Amazon which is a catchy and interesting name.

Amazon refers to the Amazon River and the name reflects excellence, growth and stability. The company still has ownership of their previous name and domain name Cadabra.com.


Adidas does not need introduction as it is the most popular sportswear manufacturing company in the world. Adidas was founded by Adolf Adi Dassler and he named this company on his nick name. His brother Rudolf Rudi Dassler also founded a sportswear manufacturing company and named it Ruda but that name wasn’t that great so they changed it to Puma.

What are some types of company names?

There are many types of company named however four of those are most popular ones and entrepreneurs prefer these name. These types are blended names, made-up names, compound named and tweaked names.

Compound names refer to combination of two or more full words; for example, YouTube and Facebook. Make sure both of the words are highly relevant to your industry and describe what your company does. Blended names refer to partial combination of two words like Microsoft. Made-up words are usually meaningless and do not resemble other words; some examples are Meebo and Pepsi. Tweaked names are actual words with incorrect spellings; some examples are Digg and Zimbra.

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