Why Should You Get A Brandable Company Domain Name

Domain name not only gives a company online presence but a brand able domain name can do a lot more than that. It is quite obvious why businesses need online presence yet you might want to know how a brand able domain name can make a significant difference in your company’s success. Before your select brand able company domain name, keep few things in mind.

  • Choose a domain name that adds credibility to your business; a good domain name not only adds value to your brand name but also makes your company look professional. Additionally, a professional looking website with good user interface also gives a good impression of your company but that’s an entirely different debate.


  • The right domain name gives direct business to your company and it also attracts indirect customers to your website. It means you don’t have to register the exact domain name for your business; for example a hardware store registers the domain name hammers dot com to attract potential customers who want to buy hammers online, it may also get other visitors who are just looking for the information.


  • A domain name not only does refer to the website but it also represents your business, company, products and most importantly brand. Try to match your domain name with the company name because it will enforce the brand. It will also make it easier for customers to remember your company and products, and more importantly it will make it easier for them to recommend your brand to other people.


  • Unfortunately it is not that easy to get a shorter domain name nowadays as millions of websites are already up and running. Make sure the domain name you get is easy to remember and preferably consists of actual words rather fabricated words.

Some example of brandable IT startups names

Although every company has been facing tough competition regardless of the industry but IT startups experience way tougher competition because of their global audience. Of course the name of their company, website and mobile app matter a lot. Following are some IT startups which selected amazing names.

Deliveroo which sounds like Kangaroo is a relatively newer company based on a new concept. It has its own staff that could deliver food from restaurants to your desired destination. As many people want home delivery and very few restaurants offer such services, Deliveroo has been getting popularity. Although this service is available in a limited number of cities but with their amazing business plan and catchy name, they could be the next big thing.

Not only it sounds like kangaroo but their official logo is also a kangaroo. The company wants to show its fast delivery system with this logo and name. Transferwise is also a new company that allows users to send and receive money from overseas by reducing the bank charges and increasing the exchange rate dramatically. As you can anticipate, Transferwise is the combination of two words; Transfer and Wise, and that’s all this company does.

How you can find suitable name for your company?

The naming process has become an interesting challenge for almost every new startup in the world as all easy to find names are already taken. Entrepreneurs need to go to the extra mile to find suitable names for their company and that’s not an easy thing. Especially, companies which have global audience have to be extra careful during the naming process. Other than the name, the domain name is also a big trouble as all shorter and catchy names are taken.

Shorter domain names like 3, 4 and even 5 letters names sell for thousands of dollars. The prices of such domain names are not going to fall anytime in the future because their demand will increase and supply will obviously decrease. Many new TLDs like .App, .London and others have been released but the future of these top level domains is not quite certain.

First of all, these new TLDs could never possibly replace .com domain name and businesses all over the globe still prefer .com domain name even though new TLDs allow them to target their customers even better. Other than that, new TLDs cannot help in SEO and search engines like Google have made it crystal clear. According to Google, having a .London TLD doesn’t mean your website has primary keyword in it and it would not benefit you while ranking for search engines for visitors from London.

Finding a suitable business and domain name takes time and efforts. There are three methods to get your hands on suitable names; you can brainstorm ideas yourself and get suggestions from your friends and family. You can hire a professional firm for the naming process but most of the small businesses cannot afford hiring professionals because of the cost. You can also use online services to get tons of suggestions; following are some most popular and widely used services.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is owned and run by Shopify. All you need to do is provide your primary keyword and Business Name Generator would create a huge list of suitable names for your company based on those words. You can also set categories to get more selected names. Interestingly you don’t have to have Shopify account to use this service. Business Name Generator also checks for domain name availability so you don’t have to do that yourself.


SEMRush is not a naming service like Business Name Generator but it is designed to help businesses understand their target audience, their needs and most importantly their competitors and their strategies. By using SEMRush, you will get information about the popular search terms and keywords your target audience use the most and using those keywords in your business name would benefit a lot in SEO.


Naming.com is also a specialized naming service that you can use for free. It also suggests names based on keywords but one of its best features is support for Greek and Latin names. There are tons of filters to narrow down search results.

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