Where To Get A Trendy Domain Name

Are you looking for trendy domain name for a new business or planning to get a website for existing business? In either case, you have to put lots of efforts to find a domain name that everyone likes. Let’s talk about current trends and what steps you should take to get a trendy domain name for your business. What does Skype means? Nothing because it is a made up word; Regardless of the history behind this name, everyone is okay with such a name that has no meaning. The same goes for Acura and thousands of other successful businesses.

But you have to be extra careful with that strategy because if you are not going to spend a massive amount on marketing and advertisement then a made up name might backfire and hurt your business because people would have no idea what it is. The only advantage of having a made up name for business is you will easily find the relevant domain name and also there will be no trademark registered under the same name. Another strategy is to go with combination of two or in some cases more than two words name. Having multiple words in the business name allows you to secure the domain name easily.

Additionally, you will get advantage of describe your business in better way and more easily; don’t forget the name of your business is the first thing that people hear from you whenever you tell them about your company or what you do. Another advantage of using a two words name is you can use the main keyword in the name with another generic word to give your domain name and business name uniqueness while preserving the meanings you want to present. Bob’s Car Wash is the simplest and most effective example of using multiple words in the domain name.

Quick Checklist

  • Make sure you select the exact same domain name and business name. Using abbreviation for your domain name is not a suitable strategy for small businesses.
  • Always try to get shorter domain name because they are catchy and easy to remember. Although shorter domain names like 3-4 letter domain names sell for a significantly higher price but they can deliver results.
  • If your budget permits, try to get additional misspelled domain names so your visitors stay on your website. Many websites like Google have acquired matching domain names so when a user mistakenly types wrong spellings of Google, he still ends up on the correct website.
  • Although there are tons of top level domains like .info and .net but always get .com domain name.
  • Prefer business names and domain names with higher alphabets so your business would appear at top of the list. Many mobile apps and games incorporate this strategy to be on the first page of app drawer.
  • When you select a business name and the domain name is also available then acquire it as fast as you can because domain names sell in matter of minutes.

Is adding your location of city name in domain name a good tactic?

That depends on your business type and your target audience; first of all, if your business provides products and services to more than one location or city then there is no need to add your city name in the domain name because it would confuse people regarding your service availability in other regions. However, if your target audience belongs to a limited region then adding the location name would be beneficial from two different aspects.

First, it would implicate that you are available in that city and you are an authentic business. Also it would help a lot from SEO prospective because search engines like Google prefer local businesses when displaying search results.

Should I go fort TLDs other than .com?

In almost 90% of the cases, .com is the most valuable TLD you could possibly use. Authorities have releases thousands of new TLDs in last couple of years and we can divide those TLDs in two categories; regional and professional. Regional TLDs refer to .London, .Madrid and other city based TLDs and professional TLDs refer to .Medical, .Law and other similar ones. Although it is a good idea to reserve the relevant domain name with these TLDs for the future but you cannot use them effectively at this moment because people usually associate websites with .com domain name.

On the other hand, many companies have adopted another strategy. They use .com website as their main website and use regional domain names for different versions of websites made for those specific locations. Always register your domain name and other relevant things like hosting on your own name. Sometimes small businesses leave everything to developers or companies.

By registering your website on your own name or company name, you would be able to claim the ownership of that website any time and additionally, you’d receive notification and reminder about your domain name expiration. Never use numbers, hyphens and plurals in your domain name because they make it difficult for your customers to remember the name and make it harder for you to tell someone about your website without making a mistake.

For example if your domain name has number 5 or five in it then you would be needed to clear that up when telling someone about your website. The same goes for plurals; additionally, if you are using plural then someone else is already using the singular of that name. In that case you would be losing tons of traffic to the other website. Hyphens are the worst; sometimes new business owners get domain name with hyphens because the other domain name is not available.

This is one of the worst mistakes you could possibly make when acquiring a domain name for your company. If your business relies on social media too then make sure the relevant name is available on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Having the relevant name on social media gives your website a huge advantage in SEO.

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