How To Get Recommendations For Catchy Business Domain Names

There are around 46 million dot com domain names registered at this moment; in other words, every catchy and interesting business name or domain name you can think of in next couple of minutes is already taken. It also means if you are currently in the naming phase then you have to go to the extra mile to get a catchy business domain. Don’t give up; here we are to answer you how to get recommendations for catchy business domain.


NameStation is a popular website and platform that allows users to check availability of all kind of domain names based on a single or even multiple keywords. Users can also select categories to narrow down their search. NameStation asks first time users to create an account to get free suggestions.

Name dot com

Name dot com has almost identical features like other similar services yet it has an amazing feature that recommends domain names based on the keywords as well as based on their synonyms. With so many features, Name dot com is one of the most comprehensive domain suggestion services out there.


DomainTools is not just a domain suggestion tool but it also does spin names effectively. All you have to do is provide a keyword and DomainTools does the rest. It also allows users to check domain names in bulk and there are many other features too.


UnitedDomains also sells domain names and you can buy premium domain names from auctions. Although UnitedDomains does not have an advanced domain suggestion tool but it does work in limited sense. From a single input you can see what kind of different domain and similar domain names are available.


Godaddy is not a domain suggestion tool per se but from there you can book domain names which are not even available yet. You can visit their official website for pre-registration.

Why some domain names sell for much higher price than others?

There are many reasons and factors which affect a domain name price but it all comes down to the demand and supply. Websites with popular and widely used TLDs like .com sells for much higher prices. Additionally, shorter domain names come with much higher price tags than others. A 4-letter domain name sells for few thousand dollars and a 3-letter domain name sells for a much higher price.

Depending on your initial capital, you can get a catchy domain name for few hundred or few thousand dollars. Make sure you have allocated a reasonable budget for domain name acquisition. You can always sell shorter domain names for a higher price because such names are near exhaustion and their prices always go higher.

You’d be amazed to know much money companies are willing to spend on catchy domain names. was sold for five and a half million dollars almost 9 years ago and it instantly became the most popular and widely used name in the online gambling world. was sold for $16 million and this is still a record. However, this price wasn’t just for the domain name but also for the company which Quin Street acquired. was sold for $10 million and it is one of the most expensive domain name acquisition in the banking sector. Like, was also sold for $5.5 million and rumors were the buyer acquired this domain name for a much lesser price than its actual worth. There are many other domain names which were sold for millions.

Why you should allocate a reasonable budget for domain name acquisition?

In order to understand the importance of a great domain name, you must first understand the difference between a brandable domain name and an SEO-friendly domain name. Brandable domain names are usually short, sweet and may not contain the primary keyword which is relevant to your company. On the other hand, SEO-friendly names contain keywords and they help you rank higher on search results.

Brandable domain names sells for a much higher price because they are short. But a marketable domain name is a much better than spending tons of money on marketing and advertising a generic name. Allocating a reasonable budget for domain name gives you freedom to choose a catchy and suitable domain name for your business. However, it is now much easier to find a suitable domain name because numerous new TLDs are available.

There are regional TLDs like .London, .Madrid and others, and there are professional TLDs like .Law and .Medical etc. If current website has .com TLD and you want to acquire other regional TLDs for your local stores or departments then use the .com domain name for your main website and use others for local stores.

How these new TLDs can help you boost your business?

Online marketers, advertisers and business owners can use these new TLDs smartly and get tons of advantages over their competitors. First of all, relatively new and highly relevant TLDs make domain names look great. Companies can use this tactic to develop their brand image. However, TLDs cannot help in SEO and Google has made this clear. In other words, using a relevant TLD does not make your website more relevant to the industry than it actually is.

Lack of SEO advantages does not mean you should not opt for a regional or professional TLD. By using the relevant TLD, you can make your website and domain name easier to remember for your customers and visitors. You can make your domain name self explanatory by using these TLDs. Interestingly, there are tons of non-English TLDs that support other languages including Chinese, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian, French and others.

Whatever domain name and TLD you choose, never use numbers, hyphens and plurals in your domain names because they make it harder for users to remember, pronounce and recommend your website to other people. In case your desired domain name is not available in the market, do not use numbers but instead start the naming process from the beginning and get a new name.

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