How To Get Amazing Business Names

Regardless of what your business is and what your company does, creating a catchy business name is one of the most important parts of business itself. Picking a catchy business name is not only essential while starting the business but you might need them too in some other situations like when you change the business name because of several different reasons including change of business fundamentals, conflict with trademark or other businesses, and during mergers.

Mainly there are two ways to get an amazing business name; you can visit online tools and websites that are specialized in this kind of work. Using those websites and tools, you can specify what your company does and what the business is all about. Based on your preferences and your business type, these tools suggest many different names and from that list you can choose the most suitable one. Amazingly many of these online tools and websites are even available for free yet the premium services and paid tools come with advanced features and additional options to help you come up with amazing business name.

For example, some services and tools that suggest amazing business name also tell users whether the name is available for trademark registration and some services even check the availability of relevant domain name. Checking the availability of relevant domain name would be more important if your business is internet based because majority of your customers and clients will be searching for such services or products online.

The other way of getting your hands on an amazing business name is by doing research yourself. It is not as difficult as it sounds because all you need is a little knowledge of some online tools like Google Trends. See what names other similar businesses have selected and if your business is also going to have a website then make sure the relevant domain name is also available. Use tools like Google Trends to see what people are searching for and what terms they are using for searching for things or services your business sells or offers.

Obtaining a suitable company name and catchy domain name must be a part of your business plan. There is no secret formula to find a catchy domain name but with some research, online tools and brainstorming you can get your hands on suitable options.

Online tools that can help you find catchy business names

There are tons of online services and tools that can help you find a suitable business name for your company. Some of those websites are available for free and some have premium subscription. Let’s talk about these tools in detail.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is not specifically designed to help new entrepreneurs find catchy names for their companies but it is for online marketers and advertisers to find what kind of search terms and keywords people use to find products and services they want online. For example, people from different regions use different search terms to find the exact same product.

Google Keyword Planner helps online marketers understand their target customers so they can use that information to target their audience. Interestingly, new business owners can also use Google Keyword Planner to know their target audience. However, Google Keyword Planner cannot help in finding brandable names but if your company is internet based and you are looking for an SEO-friendly name then Google Keyword Planner can help you.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is one of the oldest and widely used name generating online services in the world. Shopify developed this tool years ago to help its member find catchy business name but now anyone can use this service. Business Name Generator asks users for their primary keyword and based on those keywords it suggests tons of names. Sometimes Business Name Generator simply adds prefixes and suffixes in the end of relevant keywords to create catchy company names.


SEMRush is a premium service that works exactly like Google Keyword Planner but it also comes with lots of advanced features that Google does not provide. Other than providing keyword research features, SEMRush also help new business owners learn about their competitors. This tactic helps in identifying target audience and their needs. SEMRush also tells which marketing and branding techniques are yielding better results than others. is a name generating service which provides list of possible business names based on keywords users provide. The best thing about is its search criteria that allow users to set different types of filters to narrow down the search results. Another great thing about is its support for Latin and Greek names.

How important it is to acquire relevant domain name?

You should acquire relevant domain name as soon as you decide the business name. Even if you don’t have plans to develop a website for your business at this moment, still get the relevant domain name because this small investment can pay off a lot in the future. Other than that, shorter domain names sell for higher price and their prices always go up. Here are few things you must know before acquiring domain name for your business.

Checking social media name availability is also a good tactic. This is important for companies that use social media as their main marketing and advertising platform. Check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for name availability. It is recommended to do proper research before acquiring the domain name. You can use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for other websites using the exact same or similar names.

Using numbers and hyphens in your domain name is one of the worst mistakes you could possibly make. Adding numbers in your domain name makes it more difficult for users to remember the name and makes it difficult for you to tell others your website. If you are going to hire a professional firm or web developer, make sure the domain name you buy is on your own name. It would makes easier for you to renew to domain ownership later.

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