How To Choose A Marketable Yet Legal Name For Your Business

Selecting a marketable name for your business is an important step of business planning and you should put extra efforts in it because the business name not only reflects your brand but it also represents your values. You have to make sure the name you are going to use is marketable as well as legal so you don’t face legal complications later. Trademark infringement as well as copyright infringement carry a high risk and cost so make sure you don’t break the law.

Before you finalize the name of your business, check your regional laws and trademarks to be sure about the uniqueness of that name. If you are in USA then your concern department is US Patent and Trademark Office. You can use Trademark Search Tool that is quite easy to use. Make sure you also avoid similar names as well as exact names. If you have plans to incorporate your business anytime in future then check the name availability from state filing office. Even if there is already a business with the same name you can use that name if you offer different products or services than the existing business.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to check domain name availalbity. You have to get exact names for the business and the domain because otherwise it could create confusion among visitors and potential customers. If the intended domain name is available with dot com domain then make sure you also get the exact domain name with other domains like dot net and dot org.

There are many ways to check domain name availalbity; you can use online services or you can do that manually via WHOIS database.

Similarly, get the Facebook page URL as soon as possible. You can change the page name but you cannot get the URL that is already taken. Usually there are four types of names companies use the most; Compound names like Facebook, blended names like Shopify, made-up names like Meebo and tweaked names like Digg.

How you can find a marketable business name?

First of all you need enough time to get it done. The naming process usually takes days if not weeks so make sure you start finding a suitable company name weeks before your marketing campaigns or launch. There are three main ways to get your hands on some awesome company names.

  • You can hire a professional firm for the naming process. This may cost a bit higher as you can anticipate but you’ll definitely get some amazing options regarding your company name. Professional firms use some techniques like researching your target audience, analyzing the nature of your products and services, and your industry to come up with company names. If you don’t have enough budge for this kind of luxury, let’s move on to other options.
  • You can brainstorm some ideas yourself; interestingly, this is one of the most widely used methods nowadays but it has its own pros and cons. The main benefit is no one else knows your company better than you do and if you have done enough research on your target audience needs then you have enough knowledge to find a suitable name that would attract your target customers.
    You can ask your friends, colleagues and even family members to suggest some names. This technique will help you get access to tons of names without putting much effort into the process. However, doing such consensus means you’ll end up with a pretty generic name and of course many people whose ideas you’d reject would not be very happy.
  • The third and most suitable option to get amazing company name ideas without spending thousands of dollars on the naming process and by adopting automation is using online name generating services. Many of such services are available for free while some use freemium model where you can use basic name generating features for free and use premium subscription to use advanced features.
    The best thing about these online services is you can find amazing company names and these websites automatically check domain name availability.

What are some widely used name generating websites and services?

However, name generating services and websites are packed with tons of names but these services are not smart enough to understand your specific needs. The best they can do is giving you some suitable options and the rest is up to you. Surely these websites make the entire naming process way easier. Let’s talk about some popular name generating websites and services.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is owned by Shopify and the company developed this service few years ago to help its own members find a suitable name for their company. Gladly, you don’t have to be their member to use this online tool. Business Name Generator is one of the most popular and widely used online name generating services available today. It has tons of suitable names for almost every industry on the planet.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is not a naming service, it is a keyword research tool but you’d be amazed to know how much this website could help you in the naming process especially if the majority of your visitors and customers would be coming from the internet. Google Keyword Planner tells you which specific keywords and search terms are popular among your target audience. For example people from different regions use different search terms to find the exact same product on the internet.

Google Keyword Planner can help you understand the needs on your target audience and which type of name would be great for your company. Unfortunately Google Keyword Planner cannot help you find a brandable business name but instead you can find easily marketable company names here. is one of the easiest naming generating services ever built. That means everybody can use it without any help. asks users about their preferences and main keywords relevant to their business. Based on that information, it provides numerous options.

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