Great Ideas For Business Names

very industry and market has become extremely competitive nowadays and there is no margin of error for new startups. Of course this phenomenon has put new entrepreneurs in difficult situation but following are some basic guidelines and tips that could guarantee new startups success. First of all, you must have a creative business name. You must have a cool logo and you should know how many other successful startups and companies got their brands. This article covers it all and you can get great ideas for terms here.

How to get ideas for company names?

In case brainstorming is not your thing and your budget doesn’t allow hiring a professional firm for the naming process then you can use an online tool or service to generate a business name. Some advanced tools have a price tag while some websites are free. Additionally, some free websites allow you to get premium subscription for more powerful features. In any case, you can get great ideas for business name at a reasonable or no price at all. Following are some popular online websites and tools that can help you in this regard.

Lean Domain Search

Unlike most of the other similar websites and services Lean Domain Search does not have a fancy user interface with lots of animations but it suggests names effectively. Enter your keywords and Lean Domain Search will suggest ideas. It also checks for the domain name availability so you don’t have to do that manually. Lean Domain Search allows users to sort the search results based on their popularity, length and in alphabetic order. Users can specify whether they want their keyword at the beginning of the term or in the end of it.

Go Spaces

Go Spaces has many different tools for new entrepreneurs and startups, and one of those tools is Go Spaces Business Name Generator. This particular tool is used to generate brands for startups, companies and even projects. Unfortunately Go Spaces tool is still in early stages and it does not have many features like filtering or sorting but if you need basic ideas then Go Spaces can do the trick. It also checks for the domain availability and you can buy relevant domain at the spot.


Wordoid is one of the smartest business idea generating tools out there. It only generates random made up words but you’ll be amazed to see the quality of those terms it generates. You can either create an entirely random list of ideas for terms or you can enter your keyword and select, “Beginning with” ,”Containing” or “Ending with” option. You can select the maximum length of suggested terms, quality of those terms of spellings and pronunciation and most amazingly you can select multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

How to get ideas for business logo?

A logo not only relates to your business, products and brand but the connection between your logo and company is on a much deeper level. It defines your company’s background and more importantly it defines your core values. Let’s talk about some most popular business logos in the history and see what makes a logo catchy. Of course the design of a business logo is most important but the color and texture also carry a lot of weight.


No doubt, red is the most difficult color to handle, especially it is even harder to handle if used as primary color in a logo. This particular color represents warmth, anger, passion and sometimes danger too. Scientific evidences show red color can increase your blood pressure and heart rate without any obvious reason. Although many companies have red logos but in particular only two companies have handled it perfectly; Coca Cola and Target. Amazingly both of these brands have red and white combination. Also both companies have registered trademarks on their red shades. Additionally both of these companies have rivals using blue color as their primary color; Wal-Mart and Pepsi.


Orange is not considered a powerful color like red and black but many companies have adopted this color for their logo and for even brand image. Although red and orange have not so different hue point and shade but they are totally opposite of each other when it comes to color psychology. Bright orange color seems fun and friendly, it seems playful and it represents freshness. Surprisingly, two popular brands have been using this color quite aggressively for a long time; Home Depot and Orange. Home Depot is one of the largest retail chains in the USA and it uses its own registered orange color on almost everything. Orange is a known telecommunication company that is named after the color itself.


Yellow is known for catching attention before any other color, even though red represents danger. Yellow is energetic, optimistic and it represent something positive. Many companies and brands have adopted Yellow as a primary color for their logo and products. For example Veuve Clicquot which is a premium champagne uses bright yellow and golden color for their product and packaging. On the other hand, Caterpillar which is one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers uses yellow color for their vehicles and even for their logo. Caterpillar has registered its yellow color but it is hard to find a perfect match as the color gets faded in extreme weather conditions.

How popular companies got their names?

Organizations and startups know the importance of a good business brand and that’s why they spend a hefty amount of resources looking for the perfect name. Have you ever wondered how popular companies got their brand?

Samsung was founded in 1938 and the word “Samsung” translates to “Three Stars” in Korean. The three stars in the name represent something big and powerful. The company started with products like dried fish, vegetables and fruits but now it is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world. The company used different logos until 1993 and each of them has three stars. The current Samsung logo dropped three stars in 1993.

Reebok is a popular footwear manufacturing company and its products are used by world’s top athletes. The word “Reebok” is derived from the Afrikaans word “Rhebok” that is a name of a particular type of antelope. It represents speed and grace, and that’s the message company wants to convey.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what kind of name you choose, whether it is a combination of words, a made up word or a word from another language, make sure it is catchy and seems pleasant rather than sounding awkward and robotic. You can help your customers remember your company name by making is short and sweet like 3M and Apple, or something interesting like Virgin and BlackBerry.

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