Are you starting a business and don’t know any good name for your company? If yes then you are not alone as thousands of other entrepreneurs also have been experiencing the same problem for years. Either you can brainstorm and come up with some amazing and unique company names yourself or you can get professional help. You can also find unique company name online as there are countless online websites and tools that provide such services. Let’s talk about some top naming services.


BizNameWiz is a free online service that allows you to enter your desired keyword and it generates many company names. Additionally it also checks availability of the relevant domain name so you don’t have to do that manually.

Name Thingy

Unlike most of the other similar services, Name Thingy does not ask for the initial keyword to do its magic but it does show a feed of random words. You can not only select the type of words but you can also select the length. Users can also set the feed speed on the website.


Rhymer needs input from users to start working; simply enter a word and select the number of syllables and Rhymer shows many different names for your company. Unlike many other services Rhymer does not check domain name availability and that is a huge drawback.

Wordlab Business Name Generator

Wordlab Business Name Generator has more than 7 million names in its collection and it does show those name randomly if you don’t give it a keyword to start. Wordlab Business Name Generator also allows users to create a free account and use its forum to get help from the community.

There are many places in the WWW that can you can find unique company names. BoostNames is one such place.

Why naming process has become important for last couple of years?

Products names have become important not just now but since the beginning of marketing and advertisement, companies have been looking for catchy and memorable names so they can easily reach their target audience. Especially internet based companies and websites need to acquire suitable business names and domain names so they can compete in the industry.

A good name approaches customers on a much deeper level and touch their emotions. It goes beyond and reality that makes it easier for companies to bring customers into a fantasy world where they can present their products and services in a better way. A research done on hundreds of people revealed that if customers don’t have any idea of the product itself then the name alone can influence their decision toward the product.

Tech startups have a distinct advantage over other companies and industry as they can use SEO-friendly names as well as brandable names. Other companies which do not rely on the internet have to select brandable names so they can market and advertise that name. On the other hand, tech companies can go either way. A brandable name refers to something short, catchy and interesting while an SEO-friendly name refers to a name that could be associated with the company itself.

An SEO-friendly name can help a website bring tons of traffic on its own without spending money on advertisement and marketing. Following are some relatively newer tech startups which have amazing names.


Deliveroo is a service based startup that has been getting popularity all over the globe. This service allows users to get home delivery from different restaurants which do not have their own delivery services. Although many other similar services have been available for quite some time but Deliveroo is popular because of its name that resembles Kangaroo and company’s logo is also a Kangaroo.


Transferwise is a great name for a payment and banking related company which allows users to Transfer their money Wisely and save bank fees and other charges while sending money overseas. How Transferwise works is another mystery but the name of this company is a great example of how you can use compound names to describe the core features of your business.

It depends on what kind of products a company sells or what services it offers. Among other things, the target audience matters too. It is now quite easy to select a suitable name for new IT startup as hundreds of new TLDs are now available worldwide. For example, there are regional TLDs which focus on cities instead of countries and there are professional TLDs too like .Law, .Medical and others. In order to find a suitable name for your company, here are few things that you must research beforehand.

  • Who are your target audience and what type of name they would like?
  • How you want your customers and visitors to perceive your company, products, services and even the brand image?
  • What message you want to convey to your customers via your name?
  • Do you have a global target audience?
  • How you want to approach your customers?

There are many things that could affect the efficacy of a name. A company name that might look great on paper might be hard to pronounce or spell by an average person. Easy and memorable names make it easier for companies to rely on word of mouth advertisement which is one of the most effective advertisement methods in the world.

Your company’s name could affect your branding techniques, its results and over brand image. For example if you have selected a name that is solid and straightforward then choosing a funny tone in your contents could ruin your brand image. Make sure the name you select matches your products, company’s core philosophy and it supports the brand image you want to develop.

You need to go to the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. However, you must prioritize your target audience. For example, if your target audience does not consist of highly educated people then naming your company Tungsten because it refers to excellence, brightness and innovation is a really bad idea because the majority of the people would not get the message you want to convey to them.