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Let me show you my secret to get the most creative names for every one of my businesses…


Regardless of what your business does, what you sell or what kind of services you offer, the market is competitive. It means there is no margin of error for any more and more specifically there are very little chances of making a difference and standing out in the crowd. If you are starting a new brand or already own one that does not going well then start with the basics; your brand name matters a lot. Innovative company names can make a huge different in sales, marketing and most importantly in brand awareness that could be an investment for the future.

There are many ways to get your hands on creative business names and ideas; you can either hire a naming firm, you can get professional help, you can use online tools or you can brainstorm yourself and get ideas. Hiring a naming firm or getting professional help could be expensive and if you are on a tight budget then it is better to move to other options. Online tools and websites could be very useful if used wisely. As the name suggest, these are just tools, they respond how you give them information. So make sure you are using them the right way.

What are some online tools and websites for creative company names?

There are tons of online websites and tools available that could help you get orignal company name ideas. But first you have to find the keywords for your brand. It shouldn’t be too difficult as you probably already know your competitors. In case you don’t have any idea regarding main keywords of your brand then use Google Keyword Planner tool to see which keywords are important for your name.

Keywords play a very important role in the brand with keyword could make a huge difference in marketing, advertising and brand awareness. Additionally, if your company is directly related to the internet then placing the main keyword strategically in the name as well as in domain name could be a game changer as it will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Following are some tools that you can use to get inventive names.

Go Spaces

Actually Go Spaces is not just a business name generator but this particular website and service has many different features. With the help of Go Spaces Name Generator you can get name ideas. However this website is kind of amateur in this market so you won’t find advanced features like filtering but if you want to get names and want to check domain name availability then Go Spaces is the perfect tool for that. Amazingly it is also free.


Wordoid does not have a fancy website but this is one of the most advanced name generating services available at this moment. Unlike many other websites and tools, Wordoid does not have domain availability checking features. This particular tool generates a list of random creative names but users can control the length of those names, quality, keyword positions and many other things. This tool is available in multiple languages including German, French, English and Spanish so you can even get names in foreign languages.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a simple yet highly useful online tool that you can use for getting suitable business names. All you have to do is provide the keyword and Lean Domain Search would do the magic and generate multiple names. Like other similar websites and services, Lean Domain Search also checks for the domain name availability and saves your precious time. The best thing about Lean Domain Search is its sorting feature that users can use to sort search results according to the alphabetic order, length of each name or even their popularity.

How some popular companies and brands got their names?

Many businesses got their names after doing market research for weeks and spending thousands of dollars on the naming process while some of the companies and brands got names by luck. Let’s see how some popular companies and brands got their names.


The story of how Microsoft got its name is not as interesting or twisty as some other stories but it clearly shows how the naming process could be as simple as that. Back in 1970s, Bill Gates and Paul Allen were working on software for microcomputers and microprocessors. They combined both terms and how the company got its name.


It is a luxury sub brand of popular automobile manufacturing company Toyota; they hired a firm to suggest catchy name for their luxury brand and that firm suggested Alexis. Later they decided to drop letter “A” and it became Lexus that is easier to pronounce as compared to the originally suggested name.


Toyota itself has an interesting story. They operated under a different name “Toyoda” for years and later they decided to change it to “Toyota”. The reason is quite funny; the word “Toyota” takes eight brush strokes when written in Japanese language and the number eight is considered lucky in Japan. It seems they were right, Toyota proved to be a lucky name for them and now it is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world.


Wii is a well known gaming console and it is direct competitor of Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. This particular gaming console was designed for two people so they can play it together. The engineering team behind this amazing product wanted a simple and short name so they decided on “Wii” because the letter “i” in the name looks like a player so there are two players standing in the name.


We all know Vodafone as it is one of the largest mobile network in the world that is operating in many countries. They decided this name because it is a combination of voice, data and telephone that represent what they does. Other than that, Vodafone is a simple and catchy name that could be pronounced in many different languages and accents.

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