Boostnames Terms of Use and Conditions

Visitors’ Acceptance of Boostnames’ Terms of Use and Conditions

The visitor (hereby also known as the “user”), that is, any internet user who browses, reads, or uses the Boostnames website in any way, is understood to agree with the site’s terms of use and conditions. The terms of use and conditions are also updated from time to time without prior notice to the users. Any buyer of Boostnames’s service, products will hereby be also known as the “user”.

Any visitor/user who utilizes any service from the website or any service accessed through the website is subject to the guidelines or rules governing the services concerned. These guidelines or rules are also integrated by reference within the terms and conditions. Any visitor is deemed to have read the Privacy Policy of the website which is also integrated with the terms and conditions.

The Site Editor’s (aka Owner/Administrator) Service Rights and Privileges

The Boostnames website, inclusive of the services and information it has to offer, is presented to the visitors as is. This means that the website editor reserves the right to change, discontinue, or temporarily suspend the services of the website or the website itself without prior notice. The editor also has the right to remove any information provided by the users whether permanently or temporarily anytime. Boostnames website editor reserves the right to do the said actions without prior notice and free of liability towards the users.

The website visitors understand and accept that the editors or administrators of Boostnames are not to be held liable or accountable for the timeliness, removal of details, and negligence to log information, inaccuracies, or improper information delivery.

The User’s Responsibilities and Obligations to Register

The user understands and accepts that registration for an account may be required in order to proceed using the website or any service it has to offer. In the case of registration, the user agrees that only truthful and valid information should be provided. This includes the age provided where there may be a minimum age requirement to gain eligibility for a Boostnames user account.

Registration to Boostnames user account means that the visitor or user of the website have read, fully understood, and agreed to the terms of use of the website. This is inclusive of the amendments or changes made and published in the website.

Privacy Policy

Upon usage of the website and its services, it is understood that the user have read and agreed to the privacy policy of Boostnames. The registration information and other personal details collected from users are subject to be used by the site editor for terms in reference or mentioned in the privacy policy.

Registration and Password as Responsibility of the Users

The users agree that the responsibility for keeping the account and password confidential lie on them. The users are held accountable to the usage of the user name or account, whether this may be authorized or not. The users also agree that they have the responsibility to alert the site editor for any unauthorized or suspicious usage of their account or password.

User Conduct

The users agree that all information gathered on the website whether public or private by nature are under the accountability of the people providing the said content. This includes software, text, code, photographs, graphics, sound or music, videos, and other media materials.

By using Boostnames and its services, the users agree to NOT conduct themselves in any way that may be deemed threatening, harmful, stalking, harassing, illegal, unlawful, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, libelous, or any other offensive manner.

The users agree to conduct themselves in such a way as NOT to disrupt or interfere with website operations, not inflict any virus or other destructive programming routine which may give rise to criminal or civil liability. The users agree to not break any local, national, or any international law.

The users agree to NOT misrepresent or impersonate any person, company, or entity, nor would they forge or fake any information provided where required. The users agree to NOT gather and use any information from other users.

The users understand and agree that they should NOT use the website services and information in any commercial manner or any action that may be associated to spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters or emails, or any other form that is commercial. The website is NOT to be used to promote other services or websites without expressed agreement of the editor. The users should NOT in any way use any information or service found in the website that will render the owners and editors of Boostnames accountable or at risk for violation against ay local, national or international law, including but not limited towards laws governing patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks.

The user also understands that Boostnames, that is collectively comprising of the website, its owners, editors, operators, or any staff will not be held responsible in any way for any legal actions or liabilities or civil lawsuits or damages or claims that the user may encounter from the purchase or use of the brand name, domain name, logo, and whatever service or information acquired from Boostnames. You, the user/purchaser of the name(s) and domain name(s) will hold Boostnames free of any third party action or lien or damages.

Disclaimer of Service Warranties

Every user of the Boostnames website understands that usage of the website, its information and services provided, is at the user’s own risk. The content and services provided by the website are presented as is and the user understands that the editor expressly refutes all kinds of warranties. These warranties may be expressed or implied in the content.

The user also understands and agrees that the editor disclaims that the service or content are error-free, secure, accurate, timely, virus-free, reliable, top-notch quality at all times, or safe for downloading at all times. Any loss, error, or unwarranted results the users may acquire in the course of using the website and all its contents or services will not hold the owner and editor of the website reliable.

Reservation of Rights

The editor of the website reserves all the rights including but not restricted to trademarks, patents, copyrights, propriety rights, and copyrights. Any use of the editor’s rights and property necessitates the editor’s expressed written consent. No content, partial or full, or service, or any part of the website may be used without the expressed permission of the editor.

Applicable Law

Users of the website agree that the terms and conditions as stated herein may be changed or updated at any time without the need to inform users beforehand. The users also agree that any dispute coming from the use of the website will be ruled and construed according to the local laws in Delaware, USA.