Great short name for any industry and business.

Good for fashion, retail, design and creative companies.


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Not just a jailbreak tool for mobile phones and gadgets. This is the ULTIMATE jailbreak business and website name you should not pass up on!


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This is an EXTRAORDINARY name in that it is SO EXACT that it is unbeatable.

Insights says everything about your job as a Market Research or Business Consultant.


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For mail order companies, hampers or gifts or flower delivery firms.

This is such an amazing exact-match-domain that guarantees that you will feature easily on Page 1 of the major search engine searches thereby saving you a big bundle in marketing and SEO costs.

Also the the exactness tells the market that you are the Top Dog in this area.


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Your company is developing the next generation software and/or robotics that has advanced artificial intelligence.

Or you are creating advanced prosthetics and parts for the body that will respond to thoughts and is capable for sophisticated movements and functions.

This is for you!


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Blur Inc. Very catchy and unique name. Short and distinct.

Suitable for any purpose and guaranteed to turn heads!


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BuyEze is a short and brandable name if you have a new website portal for buying, selling, trading, auctions and more.


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Short and catchy, this name can be applicable for any industry.

May be very suitable for fashion and apparel brands. “Closet” or “Clothes”+”Zest”

Or for telecommunications or transportation where “closeness” is a business factor.


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Glucoze – a play on “glucose” obviously. The thought of it gives the immediate impression of something HIGH ENERGY.

Amazing for a new high energy or isotonic drink or food supplement.

Fantastic for a gym or exercise program.

Great for companies in general who want to impress on clients that they are an energetic firm with fresh new ideas, innovation and verve.


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Short catchy name suitable for social enterprises especially those for child adoption, welfare services, sponsor-a-child and education programs.


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It sounds like “physical”. Very ideal for a gym or exercise center. Great for medical centers which conducts physical examinations. Can be considered for races, physical training programs etc. Or for security devices and software.


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Fun, creative and short name if you have a comedy show, entertainment business!


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Toitek = short for toy technology.

Short fun and creative name if you are in the toy business either as a designer, tester,  maker, distributor, marketer or retailer.


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Revissa is a sexier metamorphosis of “reversal”. Outstanding as an anti-ageing serum brand, hair restorer, skincare product, wrinkle-away cream, eye-bag remover, etc.

Also good possibilities for beauty parlors, spas, facials and other treatment centers.


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Proppis has a nice ring to the name. It actually sounds very “positive” and “optimistic” as it rolls of the tongue.

You can use it for property agencies, props making firms, pharmaceutical firms or line of products, beauty products, health supplements, etc.


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Gamcel cleverly combines “game” + “cellphone” into one. This is highly suitable for new mobile apps and games developers.


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Fixaman is a wonderful short and to-the-point name which is also catchy and brandable. Ideal for home repair services such as carpentry, plumbing, pest control, electrician, roofing, lawn care, flooring, doors and windows installation, painters, painting and more!

Also suitable for other repair and maintenance agencies for computers, machinery, etc.


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Great generic name which is short and memorable. Sounds like “advice” on one part so well suited or consulting agencies, services corporations or technical support firms.


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This is a stupendous name for a membership recruitment portal, members services agency, database management or sales company, contact center, marketing company, real estate or financial services provider.


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How do you come up with the perfect name for your new fashion store? We have here something catchy that says dresses, belts, apparels and more: Apparor.


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You are the agency major hiring corporations prefer to use. Your Name, your Brand, your exclusive Dotcom Domain all says that very loudly and clearly. Competitors make room for you. Candidates make a beeline for you. You are the Preferred Staffers agency – the Big Boy on the Block that no one messes with!


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Looking to brand a respectable new fund management or advisory services firm? This is THE ONE for you!

We have combined “fund” and “advisors” into one so there is no mistaking what you do – probably the only firm in the world able to do so.


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This is the name that will clean the nation: Cleanational! You are world class waste disposal or management firm, a cleaning and maintenance agency. This is the only name that befits your abilities.

Cleanational’s name even sounds SENSATIONAL!


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ActiveReps is the name you, if you were the client, would want if you want an agency that will best represent your company’s products or services to the market. Its highly suitable for call centers, telemarketing agencies, real estate firms, insurance and finance advisors or sales and marketing consultancies.


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Not only do you perform recruitment and jobs placement, your agency is special because you are closely allied to the strategic aims of your clients to find and incorporate highly valuable new members of their organization.


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Wonderful recruitment agency name. This where hiring firms come for essential staff that make up the backbone of their corporation. They trust YOU with your deep networks to get hold of very senior and experienced managers that other agencies cannot touch.


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Have trouble finding a super recruitment agency name? Look no further because we have here one that is not only professional but also says that you are well integrated into the jobs network as well as the hiring company’s specific organizational needs.


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Supremely professional name for a jobs placement agency, recruitment firm or head hunting company.

It says you are Numero Uno – the Top Dog at the game and your clients should not waste time looking anywhere else.


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Revosol. The name holds the promise of a powerful agent potent enough to restore youthful looks, revitalize skin, reversing hair loss and more.

This is the name you would want when naming the next big thing to hit the healthcare and medical stores. Revosol!

Also suitable for healthcare, pharmaceutical and clinical outlets, products and treatments.


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Rendio or a sexier way of say “to render” a design or concept so that what forms in the mind becomes a tangible work of art. Rendio is a superb name for a design company whether is a graphic design firm, web design company, creative agency, interior decorator, art house or animation firm.


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Wonderful name for a fashion boutique, line of clothing, apparel or accessory brand, etc. or a fashion review blog, magazine or e-zine or online retail store.


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Such a lovely name for a dating or matchmaking agency.

Also wonderful for fashion boutiques, clothing stores, spa, facial, mani/pedi treatment centers.


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You gotta love this one if you are in the telephone, IDD, PABX, communications software, cabling and systems, cellphone and accessories retailing business.

Xelicom has a nice “ring” to it – geddit?!

The “X” gives it a futuristic “tone” – yes another pun. “X” also means “exchange” which is the gist of telecommunications.

The name also sounds like “telecom” which makes your business name very unmistakable and very authoritative in its own right!


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Heavenly name for a restaurant, cafe, deli, ice cream parlor, sweet shop, delicacy store, bakery and food outlets.

Also wonderful for creative firms, spa treatments, holiday agencies, fashion boutiques and retail stores of the sweet and fun kind :)

So cutesy, short and memorable name for retailers whose customers are kids, teenagers and young women.


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What a strong sounding name for exactly what you do! Your company is either in engineering or construction and fabricates steel products, plastic moulds, plaster parts, etc.

Also suitable for companies involved in the manufacture and production of fabrics.

If you are in the fashion, clothing line this can also be a great fit!


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Excellent name if you are an SEO, web traffic generator or a company which is involved in traffic systems (rail, road, pedestrian), mall management, outdoor advertising,

This name is wonderful for several reasons: firstly its a sexy way of saying the old boring “traffic”. Secondly it has the delicious “IQ” at the end which means that you are SMART or the system you developed is really intelligent, almost like there is AI programmed in. Thirdly it sounds very much like TERRIFIC!

Very rare. Very short. Very sexy. Very memorable. Don’t think too hard. Grab it now before your rival does!


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This is a nice generic name for any business. Whats so attractive is about it is that its remarkably short and sexy. Almost french-sounding. The “Sep” gives it a ring of purpose and the “ier” gives an impression of being an expert at the niche.

Also very pertinent to companies which deal with art, photography, design, creative works or museum operations because it sounds like “sepia”.


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Fashion is about fads. Here is a short and memorable name that is suitable for fashion boutiques, stores, design houses, blogs, online commerce stores, review sites, magazines, marketing and distribution services.


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Listen. If you own or manage a hostel, a budget hotel, a dorm, a backpacker’s inn, a bed and breakfast (BnB) outfit. YOU NEED THIS.

This is Exact Match Domain and a Dotcom to boot.

What does that mean?

It means that it is ridiculously simple for your website to rank on first page of Google when someone is searching for “backpacking holidays”, “backpacker’s inn”, “backpacker hostel” etc.

Even if you don’t use it as your main site, you can use it as a sub-site or redirect the delicious traffic from people looking for budget vacations.

Don’t pass this up – we are confident this amazing brand/domain will be gone in a flash!


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The name has a twang to it. Now try speaking out loud: “Rommic!”

One can think of “roaming” which means that the company will be able to venture out far and wide – spreading its products, name and brand everywhere. Very auspicious indeed.

Or — it invokes “roomy” which is great for companies which are involved in hotels, lodgings, hostels, short term stays, rentals, etc.

Its also a wonderful generic name which many startups can be proud of!


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Ignitiz! It suggests that the spark comes from YOU. All great things will follow explosively with great results!

Super name for a consultancy which helps other companies clean up their act, find a new direction and reclaim their former glory and more.

Fantastic for investment firms and angel funds for obvious reasons.

Best for all manner of startups which has the spark of fire quietly burning – waiting for its BIG DEBUT where it will shock and awe the world with its creativity and prowess!!!


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This is a designer’s dream name. The name is stylish, short and has a fiery zing to it!

Great for graphic design firms, web design agencies, interior designer companies, fashion designers and creative design specialists.


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IMPEZ. One immediately thinks “Impress!” and that what your product aims to achieve – nothing less!

You have to look long, far and wide – possibly for a long long time before you can come up with such a sharp, short and impactful name that can carry your product to the front shelves.

Can you imagine your clients going “Looks like you need an IMPEZ!” or your sales staff saying proudly to clients: “We are IMPEZ – we aim to impress!”

Wow!!! Don’t blink and let this powerful and impactful name get away!


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This is a really COOL, really FUN name for an artiste, talent management agency. Pinnups. Short and easy recall. Quite symmetrical and almost a palindrome. Rolls off the tongue easily. Just imagine walking up to your client and saying “We are Pinnups! By the time we are done with you, you will BE a pin-up!” – its way way cool!!!


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Envra – a shorter and sexier name for “environment”.

Ideal for waste disposal and recycling companies.

Super for companies that makes products which are green or recycled.

Amazing for consultants which help companies manage their byproducts, disposal or “green” their corporate image.


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The “Nu” suggests “New!”

The “xas” completes the name with a flourish, suggesting something EXCITING will emerge from this new company.

Short and memorable. The name provides the promise of a new company which is dynamic, energetic and will do GREAT THINGS to amaze customers and stockholders alike.



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If you have a treatment, program, supplement or quick-fix pill for detoxifying then THIS IS IT!

RidTox is super short, highly brandable, has great recall value. Rolls of the tongue well and has a ZING to it that tells your customers that its POTENT and EFFECTIVE.

Can you picture it on your banners or boxes? “RidTox – the only product you need for all your detox needs”

Get it today!!!


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Your agency is a specialist which is widely respected for highly niched and important job placements for many big corporations. This name helps you CLAIM the title as the King of the Mountain for difficult but highly lucrative specialized positions. The Exact Match Domain nature virtually guarantees that you will ride high in the Search Engines’ organic listing so you do not have to spend a bomb on marketing or SEO.

Grab this super RARE brand and domain NOW before your competitor hits the buy now key!!!


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Great name for apps developers, internet software programmers, computer and IT firm names.


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Best for companies which are in services and want to convince customers that with their help – their bills will shrink.

Also applicable for companies who consult on cost reductions and savings for clients.


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This suggests that your company, which could be a consultancy, is exceptional in harnessing the brain power of its staff to come up with amazing ideas for its clients. It could be a market research company or perhaps a company that is involved in education or brain training workshops.


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eMixin’ – the venue where people come together to meet, socialize, perhaps exchange ideas, collaborate, get something — so perhaps a place where people just talk shop and chill….

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Gamendo – the place where dreams come true and games come to life! This is the ultimate name for a sexy and cool company which designs, creates, tests, distributes and market games.

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Nice name for domestic help or maid agency or contract worker placement firm or recruitment agency.


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For the company who wants to maximize its full potential in every single aspect of its business.


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Cool quirky name. Ideal for ice making, packing, delivery companies, firms which have cold storage or produce coolants, cool drinks and ingestible items.

Also fantastic for companies who want a cool name :)

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Super name for a betting, gaming, gambling, punting, horse-racing, online casino, football and sports betting name.


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This is a great example of a company name that is suitable for engineering, manufacturing, IT, software and bio-chemical firms.

Also suitable for companies that are synthesize products, or synergize with customers and partners to achieve success.


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This name has “Viva!” This communicates the idea that it is full of energy, verve and spunk to get the job done for your clients.

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Having trouble coming up with a super name for an IT company, photography firm, design agency or something else? Look no further as Veloris is available along with its dotcom domain. The name evokes the ideals of “valor” with a soft touch is “is” at the end.


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Name evokes: revitalizes. Great for a company that produces goods (e.g. food or supplements) or services (e.g. gyms, spas) which rejuvenates the body and mind.


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Cool name suggestion for a hiring firm, recruitment agency, head hunting company or jobs placement contractor.


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Fit and fit for all! Great name for an inclusive fitness, workout, exercise gym studio or health spa or detox center.


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Best name for online auctions, buy/sell marketplace, directories, service finder.


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Ideal name for a health spa, supplements retailer, gym or yoga center. Super for many companies which are involved in cleansing such as anti virus firms, etc.


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Great idea for a new business especially if you are in social media, instant messaging, teleconferencing, etc.


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Quite the cool and catchy name for a pub, night club, disco or restaurant.

Also best for companies which provide services such as entertainment, event organizing, advertising and transportation or city services.


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The name is so cute its so super for a shop that sell all things cute too like teddy bears, dolls, toys, candy etc.

This can also be a play on “cuticle” and be suitable for services which provide manicure or pedicures.


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Solid name for an advertising or branding agency that will go to the MAX!

Also amazing for any business niches.


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Awesome and exact name for companies which designs, manufactures and retails cross road vehicles.


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Which company wouldn’t want that? More Business! Very auspicious name for any startup. Has a nice ring to it too!

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This is a powerful name for a real estate developer, real estate agency or services company or architectural or construction firm. Your buildings are tall, proud and landmarks in their own right. You build monuments that stand the test of time!


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Catchy taxi booking app or service company name, or taxi leasing and fleet company name.


$470 Add to cart

This could be used for a photography or publishing business (“in print”). Or it could be used by advertising agencies and branding firms who are involved with “imprinting” messages to their target audiences.


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The name evokes “Eco” + “Tourism”. Ideal for companies which specialize in vacation stays, wildlife watching, study tours etc.


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