4 Rules For Picking A Company Name

Naming your startup is one of the most important decisions you make and there is no reason to rush that decision. The name you choose for your company tells a lot about your business and it should do so. Here are some rules for picking a company name.

Whether you are starting a fashion company or a tech startup, your business name plays a vital part in the success of business as well as the products or services you are offering. Nowadays, there are millions of businesses out there and a significant proportion of those are available globally. It means you have to go to the extra mile to make sure you and your business as well as your brand stands out in the crowd. Following are some guidelines to make sure you find a hot business brand name.

It should be brief                                                   

This is very important; people don’t spend lot of time reading advertisements and signs. People don’t spend lot of time reading headlines on a webpage. People don’t spent lot of time reading things while walking down the street or driving on a busy highway. It means you have to make your business brand name brief so people can read it instantly.

  • The name you choose must be unique, memorable and unforgettable. You have to choose a name that stands out in a crowd and for this purpose it has to be catchy and interesting. Unfortunately the trend changes every few years, so finding a time proof company name is a challenge itself.
  • Some entrepreneurs use unusual words as company name and that is a common mistake. You should choose a name that is not only easy to remember but also easy to spell and pronounce.

It should be appealing

The term “appealing” does not grasp the concept entirely; it should be interesting like Victoria’s Secret and it should be catchy. Now there are not some specific rules or formula to come up with an interesting and appealing business brand name because it depends on your target audience as well as on other factors but you got the idea.

  • Never use hyphens and shorter the better. Shorter names make sure your customers remember them unintentionally. Another trick is to choose a company name closer to A rather than Z because some algorithms and directories use alphabetic order.

It should be unique

That’s pretty obvious; with millions of businesses out there and thousands of competitors already in the market (regardless of what your business does, there are already thousands of businesses doing that one way or another), your business name should be unique so people can distinguish that from other similar names and brands.

  • Making your company name easy to pronounce is important because this way your customers will recommend your business and products to other people. You can use combination of words as well as phrases if necessary.

It should be time proof

Naming a business brand is like naming a kid; you have to make sure the name will look good even after 20 years. Although it is always good to include the origin of brand or business in the background but it is not a good idea to connect it with a specific year or even era.

  • If you are going to go global with your business then make sure the name you have chosen does not have a negative or weird meaning in another language. Only check for main languages like Spanish, French and Italian etc.
  • Before you finalize picking a company name, check the availability of relevant domain name because you might regret your decision later. Also check for the registered trademark as well as company names to see whether the name is available for registration or not.

At the end of the day, whether or not you have a hot business name does not matter because the taste is in the pudding. Customers will walk away even if you sound like a Fortune 500 company and act like a roadside diner.

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